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Toyota | Lexus | DPF Removal

Toyota 2.0/2.2 D4D/Lexus IS220d

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Toyota Or Lexus DPF problem? Engine management and VSC light on? Most of Lexus IS220 owners will face this problem. What is the solution? New DPF filter? Maybe DPF regeneration? DPF cleaning? Most of our customers have been there already… Some of them had: new DPF fitted, new EGR valve fitted, set of injectorsdiesel pressure sensor, diesel temperature sensorECU software updated … list goes on  and on… But the problem will come back sooner than later.
We are now able to Remap this Tricky Denso Ecu. Now offering Eco and Performance Tuning Options, as well as DPF , EGR and DTC Removal. All Our Software is Guaranteed to stop your Toyota or Lexus from Regenerating. Smoking or Losing Power. We have been developing DPF Removal Solutions for many years, helping motorist’s throughout the Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Loughborough and Birmingham. 

LEXUS IS220d Complete DPF Removal from £400

TOYOTA Avensis/Auris 2.0/2.2 D4D Complete DPF Removal from £450

Here is a little bit about Toyota/Lexus Dpf Systems,
Problems and causes of failure:
Diesel common rail engine employing DENSO management technology. Piezo injectors fitted to this engine can deliver larger and more precision volumes of fuel. This increases power and torque along with reducing diesel noise .Denso common rail diesel injection system fitted with DPF DPNR Diesel Particulate Nox Reduction and EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation system.
DENSO diesel injection system is a good fuel system but very sensitive. Poor fuel quality, city driving conditions, EGR problems - all of this could cause DPF PROBLEMS
Most common DPF blockage symptoms:
  • poor fuel economy - good, healthy system should make around 45 mpg easily
  • white smoke during acceleration - mostly caused by DPF obstruction. After engine temperature is raised up to 90C engine ECU is trying to burn the soot out of the filter to prevent complete blockage which could cause car to stop or engine failure.
  • Engine management light on
  • stored code in the engine ECU P2002 - related to DPF filter pressure and temperature
  • Limp Mode
DPF regeneration?
  • passive DPF filter regeneration -  DPF passive regeneration will take place automatically driving under certain circumstances – for instance : on motorway runs when DPF filter temperature will get high enough to burn the soot out
  • active DPF filter regeneration -  DPF active regeneration is mostly done using diagnostic equipment
Perform the DPF regeneration or not to?
If you have blocked DPF filter on your Lexus IS220 or Toyota Avensis- fault code P2002 and you are considering DPF regeneration in Lexus centre or other specialised garage – please bear in mind this is only a temporary fix. Diesel Particulate filter will get blocked again sooner than you expect. It’s not Guaranteed and it’s not cheap either.
DPF cleaning?
There is few treatments available on the market for cleaning DPF filter most of the time don’t really work as you would wish. Again it’s not Guaranteed how long it will last.

Guaranteed DPF removal benefits:

complete DPF removal. The effect will be noticeable straight away:
  • No more engine management light on
  • no more vsc light on
  • No more dpf light on
  • No more weird white smoke and bad fuel economy
  • Better engine power and torque

We hope you found our page useful, for more info or just some friendly advice call Castle Street Tuning Today on (0115) 9505010