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Stage 2

c20Stage 2 performance software has been developed to be attain the best possible performance from cars with bolt on performance modifications such as performance exhaust, sports or de-cat, intake and intercooler. Stage 2 ties together the upgrades and is tuned to maximise their potential on your car.

Typically, you can see another 10-15% on top of the gain from stock to Stage 1 when using the recommended hardware upgrades.

CEL (Check Engine Light) Delete Feature

Stage 2 allows you to run a de-cat or sports cat without having a CEL come on. It also gives you more flexibility with settings over Stage 1 to make the most of the additional potential from the up-rated hardware. For details of required hardware specification, please check the specific product page for your vehicle or consult your locla dealer.

CEL Delete Feature For Race Use Only

Stage 3 software has been developed to compliment cars running more extensive engine modifications. The Stage 3 software is tuned to suit proven hardware upgrade packages, such as, for example, K04 Turbo Conversion 2.0 TSi Transversal Vehicles. Tuning is adjustable and can be tailored to suit your needs; depending on your chosen specification, you can yield upto a 200% gain over standard horsepower figures. For this software to run efficiently and reliability, a strict hardware build list must be adhered to.

Stage 3 software not available for all models.

For more information and details, please contact us.