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Immobiliser Removal

c16Designed for the purpose of making the transplant of modern engines to older non-production models & kit cars possible and simple.

Modern factory Engine Control Units (ECU) come equipped with an advanced engine immobiliser system in order to deter theft of the vehicle. These immobiliser functions need to be worked around and defeated in order for a successful transplant of your modern engine into another vehicle.

Until recently, the only way to make your modern engine run in another vehicle was to install all of the donor vehicles immobiliser linked components which can include instrument clusters, Body Control Modules (BCM), etc. These parts are often very difficult to transfer and fit within your vehicle while taking many hours to wire in for correct and safe operation. Another way in was to run an aftermarket management system which can be very expensive and has the downside of loss or reliability, drivability and power.

Castle Street Tuning immobiliser defeat software will allow you to effectively bypass the immobiliser function within the ECU without all of these problems and allowing the use of the stock ECU, wiring loom and original sensors.

Currently available for a wide range of ECUs including Bosch, Magnetti Marelli, Siemens and more.

Please contact us for more details.