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DSG Tuning

We’re proud to announce the latest release of our DSG Remapping software which will allow us to remap even more DSG gearboxes and unlocks all mapping parameters to ensure we can access all the necessary files to perform the most complete remap possible.

How can DSG remapping benefit you

If you have a car with a DSG gearbox then you may notice the lag during take-off, the clunky gear changes and the lousy downshifting. All DSG gearbox suffer with this problem and it’s due to the software calibration of the maps. Reflashing the DSG gearbox with a Custom Castle Street DSG Remap will eliminate all these problems and completely transform how the DSG gearbox responds to your driving style.

The DSG gearbox also has torque limiters for each gear so if you’ve previously had a remap, it will have been limited by the DSG gearbox so you won’t be getting as much power as you’d hoped.

Remapping the DSG gearbox will give you the following benefits:

 Zero Lag

 RPM Limiter Adjustment

 Torque Limiter Adjustment

 Gear shifting speed increased by 20%

 Automatic Shift Point Increased

 Launch Control Activation

DSG Remapping = Zero Lag

When remapping the DSG gearbox we minify the processes to increase throttle response and practically zero the lag from take-off. So whether you’re standing still at a set of traffic lights waiting for them to go green or slowly rolling to a stop – the second you press the accelerator you will be moving again!

RPM Limiter Adjustment

RPM limiters are set on each gear for the DSG gearbox. It would be pointless remapping the Engine ECU rev limiter without touching the rev limiters in the DSG Gearbox ECU. Adjusting the RPM limiters here give us full control over the engines power in the upper RPM ranges.

Torque Limiter Adjustment

Just like the RPM Limiters, there are torque limiters set on each gear for the DSG gearbox. It would be pointless remapping the engine ECU for more power without adjusting the torque limiters in the DSG gearbox. Some companies map the engine ECU to send false signals back to the DSG gearbox, making it think the torque is lower than what it really is. Adjusting the torque limiter will avoid having to use “tricks” and ensure optimum results are achieved. We’re able to optimize the torque limiters to get the maximum benefits from any remap whilst staying within the safe limits to ensure the stability and capability of all mechanical moving components within the DSG transmission.

Gear Shifting Speed Increased By 20%

We can optimize the DSG remap to increase shift response by up to 20% providing a smoother gear-to-gear transition and a significant reduction in unnecessary clutch slip under full load acceleration – protecting your automatic clutch from premature failure.

Reducing the shift time between gears allow us to simultaneously improve paddle-reaction-time by up to 40%.

Automatic Shift Point Increased

Our DSG remap session will increase the automatic shift point to ensure your DSG gearbox is working with you synchronously, changing gears at the optimum speed to reduce lag and increase responsiveness.

Launch Control Activation

A perfect launch can now be achieved each and every time with launch control activation. Launch control will reduce your 0-60 acceleration times by maintaining the perfect throttle position to provide maximum traction off the line.

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