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Citroen Relay 2.2 hdi DPF Removal


Citroen Relay DPF Removal Nottingham & Birmingham


Castle Street Tuning are specialists in Citroen Relay DPF Removal solutions offering the very latest in DPF Developments. If you have found this page you will know that the Citroen Relay DPF is a problematic system, not only because it gets blocked but it has a ‘Anti Tune’ Ecu. This means it’s not possible to do a standard DPF Removal via the remapping route.

Not to worry as we have developed a guaranteed working emulation device which can bypass the Citroen Relay DPF effectively ‘tricking’ the Ecu into thinking it still has a working DPF fitted. This will get your van out of ‘limp mode’ remove any warning lights due to ‘DPF’ and get your van back on the road where it belongs. All our work is guaranteed and comes with a 12 month warranty.

For further information or bookings please call us on:

Nottingham Branch: (0115) 950 5010

Birmingham Branch: 07392000525